Day 4 – January 31, 2010 (pt6) – All kiddos tucked away nice a tight.

Titus and Hendrick

What a day!!! It has truly been miraculous. We finally got in about 9:00 after visiting with Lindsay and Trevor Crapo. I ran out to Pollo Tropical on recommendation of Christine at Residence Inn in Marimar. Dinner was EXCEPTIONAL – chicken, rice, black beans and corn. Christine and the Residence Inn team were PHENOMENAL. I really appreciate everything they did to make us comfortable. Thanks to my brother Chad who gave us his Marriott points to get a two bedroom suite which house both our families –Tripples and Sedricks.


Kiddos are doing great. My ability to speak Kreyole is increasing and they are starting to pick up some English phrases. Very, very exciting day. Kids are now tucked away and sleeping comfortably. (Here are some pics) We fly out at 6:00 am so we have to awake at 3:30.   Special thanks to Reinae and Logan Bolschwiller who donated plan miles to get all four of us home. Thank you, Thank You, Thank You!!!! You are all a integral part of this.

Tasha and Hendrick


Day 4 – January 31, 2010 (pt5)– Message from the wife

This is the message my wife sent out to all our friends…

They’re ours!!!!!!  We fly home tomorrow and arrive in Boise on Monday at 12:30pm on Delta:)

Our friend Airica gets in on Tuesday at with her babies too at 2:30pm.

We’re coming home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you everyone so very much for everything!  We can’t say enough thank yous, but please know we have been truly blessed because of angels like you:)  Our Heavenly Father is amazingly wonderful always. Thank you God for the miracles:)

God bless you all,

Sedrick’s Standing Firm……8 of us:)

Day 4 January 31, 2010 (pt3) – Running into each other’s arms

Cynsha learning to ride a bike

After a short stay in a very comfortable break room Liz came in to take us to see our kids. We loaded into a golf cart and were taken to the home where the kids. Upon seeing us they ran into our arms. It was a sweet, sweet experience. I spent the entire morning helping Cynsha learn how to ride a bicycle, riding bicycles with Hendrick, playing in the park and swinging.  Cynsha loves be carried. When playing on the swings Cynsha would say “empouse’m Dousman” – push me slowly. While Henrick would say “empouse’m fo” – push me hard.

After playing with them and having lunch the ORR (Office of Refuge Resettlement) officials came to get Judie and for our processing. Even though I told them we had to go visit with the officials both Cynsha and Hendrick had a very concerned look  as we departed. Fortunately Natalia, a fantastic volunteer, was there to reassure them. We now sit in a hall on red chairs waiting to meet with officials.

Hendrick Suiting Up

Crazy Big Smile!

Day 4 January 31, 2010 (pt2) – His House

His House Children's Home

We just arrived at His House Children’s Home where all of the children are being cared for. It’s so exciting just knowing our kid’s are a room away. We have to go through some processing – estimated 3-4 hours. The team here are EXCEPTIONAL. A ginger haired lady, Liz just came in and told me they would take us to our children in house 30 in a few minutes.  Judie is having a blast visiting with other adopting mothers while we wait.

Day 4 January 31, 2010 – Just a little excited

I was so tired last night. Hit the sack and went right to sleep. I woke up at 6:00 ready to go but forced myself back to sleep until 7:00. Yes, I’m a just a little excited. I can’t wait until 10:00. I hope I have enough Kreyole learned. I’ve been teaching myself for the last year and half using Granny Bin’s “On Almost Even Ground” series and reading a Kreyole version of the Book of Mormon side by side and English version. I hope to get some more resources while in Miami. I’ve learned a lot but there’s not exactly a lot of Haitians in Nampa Idaho to practice Kreyole. An nou ale we pitit mwen yo. Mwen gen anpil exsite pou we yo

Day 3 (pt4) – A long, long day.

It’s 11:14 pm Miami time. We just arrived at the home of Ed Henson. He and his family graciously have offered their home for Judie, Airica Tripple and I to sleep.

Judie and I flew into Miami and arrived about 5:30 pm. We grabbed our luggage and headed straight to Budget to pickup our car rental. When we stepped up to the check out line the attendant informed us the airport had just been put in total lock down as a bomb scare had been called in.  Needless to say we were very glad to have gotten out of the airport when we did.

We then headed north to Ft. Lauderdale to pick up Airica. Her plane was an hour late due to snows in Philadelphia.  Upon her arrival we rushed to the shelter where our children are housed. They are staying in a very nice place that looks very comfortable.  Word is they are having a very good time and enjoying their stay. The staff unfortunately was closing down for the night as it was just after 10:00 when we arrived. They told us to return tomorrow at 10:00 am. We’re almost there. Less than 12 hours to see my kiddos!

Also an update on Maudeline; we just received word from Trevor Crapo that she was included in the children that was approved to come to America and is in Miami now. YEAAHHHHH!