Day 84 – Soccer Game, Helping Bro. Fleshman, Mouse Hunt Gone Wild & Girl’s night out

OK today was about as packed as the come. But I think you’ll enjoy the read.

Hendrick and I woke up early because he had an 8:30 am soccer game. He was very excited to play after not feeling all well. The played incredibly well today losing by only one point. They should have won with 6 shots on goal in the last 10 minutes but every shot went wide very time.

Tearing down Plastic - Dirty Work!

After the game we went home and quickly mowed the lawn. Right as we finished Clark Draper called and asked if I was ready to go spray Elgin Fleshman’s weeds. Hendrick accompanied me and was very glad he did because he was able to ride the 4-Wheeler with Clark.

After spraying the weeds we went home for a quick bite to eat. Then grabbed Devon and Christian to return to Elgin’s do tear down some plastic sheeting in  his barn in preparation to install a new roof. It was a MESSY job but the kids did a great job working. Other kids and adults from our Church ward came over and helped as well. With everyone helping we got a lot done in about an hour.

When we came home Cynsha and Ke’ilani were sunning themselves in the front yard. I visited with them for a short while. Cynsha stuck her feet in my face so I playfully popped her toes. Ke’ilani quickly stuck her feet in my face for her turn. Gluttons for pain I guess.

Popping Toes

I loaded the kids in the truck to go to the store get fertilizer and other home related items that accompany spring home chores. They enjoyed looking at the baby chicks at Zamzow’s

While we were at the store Devon started working on the chicken coop re-designing and building new components. He also cleaned the coop as it was really due for a spring cleaning.

Upon returning from the stores I joined him as it was getting close to dinner time.  He mentioned that he had seen a mouse run under one of the tires. I told him that meant there were probably more. I didn’t realize how many more.

When I moved the first tire a couple of mice scoured out. But when I moved second tire mice were everywhere.  About 20 mice scrambled for a new hiding place. The chickens killed a few. The mice that fled out of the coop were captured and eaten by our dog Jet. (Good Dog!) Christian ran in the house to get his Air soft Gun. Hearing the news Zayne grabbed his gun as well. They then went on a mouse hunting spree as Devon and I chased the mice out of corners and moved items the mice were hiding under.  The kids had a great time shooting the mice!  Devon and I even stepped on a few.  They went through a lot of BB’s. I’m sure this will be a day they will remember and recount when they are older.

Christian and Zayne were very proud of their hunting success and anxious share all the gory details of blasting mice to mom. She was NOT interested in hearing the story wanting to only be assured the mice were gone.

After dinner, Judie left for an evening with a bunch of her lady friends. They gathered at Cara Lee’s to watch “New Moon”. She enjoyed a great evening while I put the kids to bed then watched a NetFlix video – a great way to end a very full and rewarding day.


Day 83 – April 23rd – Kids feeling great! Date night with Judie

The kids are doing MUCH better today! YEAH!!! This evening we let them stay up a little later since it was warm and a Friday night. The kids were in really good spirits and played nicely together.

After getting the kids down to bed I made homemade strawberry milkshakes for Judie and I. I have to say they were DELICOUS! We then watched Blindside – a truly fantastic story and movie.  Devon came home from the school dance mid-way through the movie. We paused the movie to here is report of a very fun evening for him.

It was nice to share a great evening after such a trying week.

Day 82 – April 22nd – Hendrick heads to school, Dad plays basketball OHH YEAAH!

Hendrick, while surely not 100%, decided to go to school today. Cynsha opted to stay home. I think more out of needing mom and dad’s attention more than not feeling well. By the end of the day both were doing much better.

This evening I had church meetings and was hesitant to leave. Judie sent me off with the assurance she’d text me if she needed me. Things went so well, or at least Judie didn’t call me, that I was able to play basketball after the meetings. IT WAS GREAT!!! I haven’t played ball in a long time and it felt GOOD to run!

Day 81 – April 21 – A little better day. Illness identified.

Well at least the vomiting stopped today. That’s a relief for everyone. The stomach aches and cramping continued. We were able to get the kids into the doctor. He ran some blood tests. I was AMAZED at how well the kids did getting the blood drawn – they barely flinched. Like we suspected their bodies are reacting to the medication. We now wait to see what the doctor recommends as the next steps.

When we left the hospital the stress of Cynsha finally hit her and she burst into tears. Poor little girl. She was trying successfully to be brave and stoic. Once the moment was over the floodgates opened and the tears came.

Day 80 – April 20th – Sick, Sick, Sick

Well after a long night the sickies continued all day. Both Cynsha and Hendrick stayed home from school. Judie and I basically tag teamed all day caring for each of them. They were both absolutely miserable all day especially Hendrick. Fearing he might get dehydrated or might be experiencing some complications with some medication he is taking I took him into the Quick Care tonight.

We had an excellent doctor. He gave Hendrick some Zofran to stop the vomiting for 8 hours with the hope it would allow us time to nourish his body with some Pedialyte popsicles.  The other thing the Zofran accomplished was a full night’s sleep for Hendrick. Dad benefited as well sleep again at his bedside.

The doctor suspects the symptoms might be related to his medications especially since Cynsha is having similar symptoms.  Fortunately she is still not vomiting just very achy.

Day 79 April 19th – Hendrick comes home sick

This afternoon while at a business meeting I got a call from Parkridge Elementary informing me that Hendrick had thrown up twice and needed to come up. Being in Boise, I called Judie to pick Hendrick up.  When I got home he was extremely sick – tossing his cookies about every 45 – 60 minutes. Cynsha also was complaining of stomach aches but as of yet not vomiting.

Hendrick was still throwing up when it came time for bed. I decided to lay on the floor at the side of his bed through the night in case he needed help. I stopped counting the number of times he threw up at 11:00. The poor guy threw up ALL night. It was so frequent I eventually stopped trying to sleep and grabbed the computer and wrote some blog articles, read scriptures on my iPhone and pondered on some gospel discussions I had at lunch with a good friend Michael Nelson. The only real respite that included sleep was between 3:30 am and 5:30am when Hendrick’s body finally gave up and managed a couple hours sleep.

Judie likewise spent her night comforting Cynsha who likewise was up all night with stomach cramps. Fortunate for Judie Cynsha wasn’t vomiting.  Needless to say it was a very long night for all.

Day 78 April 18th – A GREAT day with the family

This afternoon after church we decided to spend the day outside as a family. It was a beautiful sunny 80 degrees and enjoyed being together in our back yard. We played a modified game of baseball where everyone basically took turns at bat and the field. Teaching Hendrick and Cynsha that you throw the ball at the baseman not the runner was the first order of business. Fortunately they missed.

After baseball we rested for a short bit drinking copious amounts of water. We then played a three on three game of soccer. We had GREAT fun and enjoyed playing together very much.

Judie watched on the sidelines sewing patches on the boys scout uniforms before attending the Eagle Scout Court of Honor for Jeremy Kunz tonight after dinner.

We enjoyed a FANTASTIC day together!