Day 113 – May 22nd – Father’s & Sons Campout Cont’d – Collapsed Tent and Freezing Breakfast

Well I was hoping the weather would go around us. But the rain started coming down just after midnight. At 1:13 our tent collapsed under the weight of the rain and soggy ground that could not hold the stakes in. It took me a couple of minutes to find the exit of our 10’x16’ tent. Somehow I managed to get the tent back up by myself.

Flooding Tent at 1:15 am

When I came back in the tent I took an assessment of the kids and the tent. Water was starting to pool in the corners and the center of the tent by the inner wall.

It appeared that everyone sleeping bags were positioned relatively safely. Christian was in the worst position looking like a peninsula with water starting to pull near him. I tried to make sure everyone was positioned ok.

At 2:30 Zayne woke me informing me that his butt was wet. I made the decision to move the kids into the van. I took Zayne first so he could change into dry clothes (yes we had the foresight to bring extra clothes for which I was happy.)  Christian set up his sleeping bag under the van bed. Zayne Hendrick and I laid across the bed with our feet towards the hood of the van. Even though I’m short the bed was too short for me laying this way. I eventually moved to the middle seat of the van. The challenge we only had one dry sleeping bag which was shared by Zayne and Hendrick.

I tried sleeping with little luck. I eventually pulled out he table cloth from my camp gear for a blanket. A lot that did for warmth – NOT!. About 3:30 I shifted Zayne and Hendrick long ways across the bed. I was thus able to snake my body between the boys as they were curled up to stay warm.

I finally got up about 6:00 am to go build a fire for the boys. Fortunately Read  Young woke up shortly after I did and he built a roaring fire with the wood he brought. Everyone quickly started gathering around his fire.

Make the fire HOTTER!

Pres. Mansfield, Howard and Mark Wilde woke about 7:00 to cook everyone breakfast. It was raining hard and very cold. When it got close to breakfast time I decided to drive the van down to where breakfast was being cooked so the kids didn’t have to walk far in the cold for breakfast.

Dedicated Cooks - Freezing rain and Bacon

After breakfast I rolled up our sopping tent and sleeping bags and through them in the back of the van. My hands were so frozen I could barely bend my fingers. I then helped clean up the campsite, picking up trash before we headed home at 9:00. The kids were very happy to be on our way home.  Shortly after pulling out of the campsite it started to snow. Crazy Idaho Spring! I’m sure this will be one of those memories the kids will have when they are older. I know it’s permanently imprinted in my brain!


Day 112 – May 21st Fathers and Sons Campout

The annual Fathers and Sons campout finally arrived today. I love taking my boys on this trip. However the weather reports forecasted rain and cold temperatures.  I asked the boys if they still wanted to go and they excitedly shouted “of course”.

We left about 4:30. Temperatures a moderate 61 and threatening clouds on the horizon. We arrived at CJ Strike Resevoir about 6:00. CJ Strike is south east of Nampa and in the desert.  Yeah I know who wants to camp in the desert. But still we were looking forward to a good time.  Devin didn’t come with us as he had a school concert he had to attend.

When we arrived we pitched camp in the very thick grass. The kids then ran off to fish or hang out with other friend who had come up with their fathers as well. I pulled out the Dutch oven and cooked up a delicious batch of sticky buns. The sticky buns were the hit of the evening and were chosen over the standard Peach Cobbler by everyone except one person.

We gathered with the other fathers and sons just before dusk for a spiritual and motivational thought by Pres. Kelly Mansfield. After which the kids had flash light wars.

Both Hendrick and Zayne got tired about 10:00 and sat with me by the fire until 11:00.  Still no ran but temperatures were dropping.

We zipped our sleeping bags together and the three of us climbed in together for extra warmth. Christian came in some time about 12:00.

But the night wasn’t over…. More to come in Day 113….

Day 109 May 19th – Long awaited blossoms! Corn Stalk blooms

For the past couple of years I’ve tried to get some of my tropical plants to bloom. I FINALLY SUCCEEDED! On Sunday I sat down at the table kitchen and noticed a new plant shoot growing with little flower buds. Let’s just say I was VERY excited.

Tonight the flowers burst into full bloom for the first time.  The blossoms are so aromatic! I love the fresh Jasmine like smell. It makes our home smell like Hawaii!

Long awaited blossoms!

Day 106 – May 15th – Water fun with the cousins and learning to rollerblade

Today was a GORGEOUS Day. Warm. Sunny. The kind of day you just want to be outside.

Hendrick had a soccer game this morning. The boys played exceptional and won the game. The kids were quick to remind me I know owe them ice cream. Hendrick scored twice.

This afternoon Jeremy and Becky came over with their kids. Lindsay and Ke’ilani taught Cynsha how to rollerblade. She was a little wobbly but did really well. They then switched to playing poison on the trampoline. After about an hour of trampoline fun the kids begged me to turn on the sprinklers. It wasn’t long before the water guns were out as well. Nothing like the sound of children laughing!

I probably would have joined the kids but Jeremy and I ran over to fix the sprinklers on one of my rentals. Enjoyed working and visiting with my brother!

When I got home I made homemade pizza for everyone – just what the doctor ordered!

Day 105 May 14th – AWESOME Hair for Hendrick – Soccer head

Shaving Hendrick's Head

Ok now we’re getting serious about hair. Early in the week Hendrick asked if we could shave a soccer ball into his head. I guess one day of Judie’s Beauty School emboldened me to take my first stab at running clippers. And Hendrick was either naïve, brave enough or just really wanted a soccer ball in his head that he was willing to let day try.

It turned out pretty good if I don’t say so myself.  In fact when Hendrick looked in the mirror he gave me two thumbs up and exclaimed “Dad this is AWESOME!

Hmm, I wonder if I could get make a few extra bucks shaving kids hair at the Soccer Festival coming up this weekend.

Soccer Head - Masterpiece!

Awesome Head Shot!

Day 104 May 13th – Track meets for Zayne and Hendrick

Today we had the pleasure of enjoying a FANTASTIC spring day.  To top it off we were able to enjoy the early evening watching Hendrick and Hendrick and Zayne compete in the Elementary School City track meet. Zayne competed in the running long jump. Hendrick competed in a 4 Man relay. Both did exceptionally well and had a fantastic time.

Zayne approaching launching point

Excellent job boys! Thanks for a great evening!

Day 101 May 10th – Dad goes to beauty school

Ok now I can honestly say I can say I NEVER imagined myself doing anybodies hair other than mine, combing a baby’s hair or throwing ponytails in a little girl. Tonight Judie put me to work assisting her and Devon with Cynsha’s hair.  Let’s just say I have a new appreciate for Chris Rock’s documentary “Good Hair”

First we had to take all of the old braids and corn rows out. This entails taking the edge of a comb and running down the middle of a braid separating the braids as you go. Then we combed each braid out ensuring all of the tangles were out. Judie has a variety of hair products from Dudley’s that help.  Judie then washed Cynsha’s hair. We then sat down for round two braiding and beading Cynsha’s hair. I was assigned bead duty. It took us about ninety minutes to 2 hours to complete.

Yes - Dad helped this time!

I was surprised how intimate an experience doing hair is especially with three of us doing it together. We combed, braided and beaded all the while visiting with each other. Of course occasionally Cynsha would pull away declaring “Ouch you pulled my hair”.  It was really a neat experience.