Day 145 – June 24th – Day with Judie – Happy Birthday Sweetheart!

Happy Birthday Judie!

It was my pleasure to spend the day with my wife as it was her 29th birthday (again). Man she looks good!

We kicked off our day sending Cynsha and Hendrick off to summer school. We then headed to Gold’s Gym for an hour and half of solid exercising – weight lifting, running and a killer intense core circuit class ( think of on-going 30 minutes of pain, adrenaline all dished out in non-stop 30 seconds intervals) After Judie kicked my butt at the gym we enjoyed a wonderful late morning temple session at the Boise LDS temple. We LOVE being in the temple together.

For lunch we went to one of our favorites Tucano’s Brazilian grill. We left very STUFFED. We made sure we were home in time for the kids to come home.

This evening I cooked up my famous Chicken Teriyaki – one of Judie’s favorites. I didn’t monopolize all the time. The kids and I did get her a gift together. A full protective decal cover for her Apple Computer from We got her an Hawaiian Sea Turtle pattern. It’s a lot of fun! Devon wrapped it in about 10 layers of wrapping which made for a fun and suspenseful opening of the present.

Piles of wrapping

Happy Birthday Sweetheart! Mahal Kita!


Day 141 – June 20th – Father’s Day – King for a day.

Christian the Father's Day Bodyguard

Ok I know, I’m treated like a KING everyday by my lovely wife. But today was Father’s Day so extra efforts were made to make me feel special. Christian stood outside my door as body guard to ensure I didn’t leave my bedroom until called for a KICKIN biscuits and gravy breakfast with scrambled eggs – my favorite!

Ke’ilani made me a crown that she asked me to wear during my breakfast and through out the morning. I didn’t have church meetings this morning and thoroughly enjoyed being home with the family.

The kids also got me a special gift – HEELY’s. Yes, Heeley’s. Judie tried to tell them I just needed tennis shoes but they though it’d be cool if I had Heely’s. We’ll see how that turns out;-)

After  church Becky joined us for barbecued chicken and homemade strawberry pie.  We had a great time together. Thanks Judie and kids. I couldn’t be more blessed to have such a wonderful wife and kids!

A king with his two princesses!

June 19th – Waterskiing and Tubing

Cynsha - raising the flag while kids are in the water

Ok – I’ll admit when it comes to Father’s Day and my birthday I LOVE to waterski and wakeboard. You  can  guess what we did today. The kids were SO EXCITED, especially Cynsha and Hendrick as it was their first time out with us on the boat.

When I first launched the boat and cruised past no zone I punched the gas. Cynsha screamed in fear, Hendrick busted out in laughter. Once Cynsha got used to the speed she really enjoyed being in the boat.

Hendrick was very anxious to try everything. He didn’t hesitate to try tubing with Zayne, Christian and Devon. Cynsha took a little more coaxing. Once I promised her I’d go real slow and she could ride with Devon she decided to give it a try. I kept my promise and she had a great time. Zayne, Christian, Ke’ilani and Devon enjoyed their normal times Wakeboarding and tubing.

Fun in the water between tubing runs

Day 139 June 18th – Zayne a natural archer

For the past two weeks Zayne has been taking an introductory Archery class. He has REALLY enjoyed it. What is even more fun is he’s also a natural and REALLY good. Since day one he’s been shooting bulls-eyes and really tight patterns. Today Judie reported that he shot a wiffle ball hung from a string after shooting every balloon, small animal target and 9 inch plate.

The smile tells all!

Judie and Zayne had such a good time together the went to Cabella’s and went bow shopping. In setting Zayne up for his new recurve the friendly folks at Cabella’s let him take some shots in their archery range. They too were surprised at his accuracy for only 2 weeks on the bow. Looks like this will be a fun sport for Zayne to pursue.

Shot right in the heart of the ball

Day 138 – June 17th – Orchard Fun

Cynsha and Hendrick jockey for position

This evening was one of those nights where the family was going in all directions. I took the younger ones Hendrick, Ke’ilani and Cynsha to the LDS Orchard to thin peaches. The kids had a great time climbing ladders and throwing peaches at each other.  Other children joining in the fray included Parker Williamson and Shannon Greer. Of course dad would NEVER throw any peaches at his children.

Great night of fun and service!

Fun in the trees


June 14th – Day 136 – Christian makes his own fishing lures, Washing Cars

Christian never ceases to amaze me. He gets something in his mind and once it is accomplished that is all he focuses on.  Since going fishing this weekend Christian has been on a kick to make his own fishing lures. That is exactly what he’s been doing for the past two days. He even made his own tackle box out of a Captain Crunch cereal box. The boy is pretty innovative.

Custom Tackle Box from a Captain Crunch Box

Fishing Lures made by Christian

Since it was such a warm day, FINALLY, Judie and the kid washed all of the cars. I think Judie had as much fun as did the kids. Not sure if it wasn’t more of a water fight or washing cars but the cars look great!