Day 160 – July 10th More Haiti Family Reunion Fun – Water Park

We enjoyed another AWESOME day at the Haiti Family Reunion. We woke up early to cook breakfast for everyone. Guesno arrived late last night and joined us for the day. After breakfast we gave him a few moments to talk to all of the families. We enjoyed hearing of the on-going construction of the new orphanage and also sorrowed together that his son Gardy has not been returned from the kidnappers. Guesno is so humble and appreciative of everything.  He and Marjorie are truly an inspiration.

Guesno speaking to the families!

I was able to grab a few private moments with Guesno and Richard. I enjoyed listening to their conversation in Kreyole. They were surprised when they would pause to translate from time to time I would first tell them what I had heard. Yes, I missed some of the discussion but was excited at my comprehension. I have A LOT still to learn. They were kind enough to fill me in on the points I missed.

In the afternoon I did my favorite thing of the weekend – play with the kids on the waterslides, innertube rapid rides and wrestling in the pool. GREAT, GREAT Fun! Judie visited with the other mothers sharing stories of triumphs, struggles, tears, frustrations and joys. It was a good time for her to be uplifted by other women having similar experiences building their families.

What a fun filled day! We had a great time as a family and with other families! Can’t wait until next year’s reunion.

At the end of the day we drove to my brother Chad’s house to spend the next two days with them. Synsha and Hendrick were very excited and a little timid to meet their new extend family – Uncle Chad, Aunt Melissa and cousins Alex, Jordan and Ethan.  The kids had a good time getting to know each other. We closed down the evening watching the video Percy Jackson.


Day 159 – July 9th – Haiti Family Reunion Fun

We enjoyed a FANTASTIC day with families who have adopted from Foyer de Sion. We started setting up right after breakfast..  We set up volleyball, corn hole and set out soccer balls and footballs  for the kids to play with. Around lunch time families started trickling in from all over the country Idaho, Utah, Oregon, Washington DC. California and even as far away as West Virginia.

Volleyball or wrestling?

The kids and families had a WONDERFUL time reuniting. They played loud chaotic games of volleyball, wrestled, played soccer in and around everyone, corn rowed and weaved hair and played corn hole.  A few of the families opted to swim and the Cherry Hill pools and slides. I was able to catch some very happy reunions in photos.

Sweet Reunions

Hair Experts & Great Fun Visiting

But the time evening came most families had arrived. Marjorie and her daughters arrived early in the day but Guesno’s plane was delayed so we will not see him until tomorrow.

Cooking for 200 some people was a lot of fun. Fortunately a lot of the families jumped in to help Judie and I. For dinner we enjoyed sub sandwiches and fruit. For dinner we enjoyed Kreyole chicken over noodles – good stuff!

More pictures on my Facebook – jsedrick

Adoting Dad Day 158 – July 8th Leave for Haiti Family Reunion – Kaysville Utah

This morning was a crazy morning as I packed our family, 10 coolers, camping gear, volleyball nets, cornhole and everything but the kitchen sink into a trailer and our van. I had plans on leaving for Kaysville Utah by 12:00. We didn’t get on the road until 2:30.  Fortunately we did some of the packing last night. But I still had to pack all the food this morning which took longer than I thought.

The kids were very anxious to get on the road and were a big help but like any children had a tendency to get distracted wanting me to log them on the computer or fix a bike here and there.

Traveling to Kaysville was very nice. Fortunately we were able to get the AC fixed in the van because it was a VERY hot day.  We arrived just before dusk at Cherry Hill Resort allowing us just enough time to get our tents and sleeping bags set up. The younger ones were quick to run off to the neighboring empty campsites to kick the soccerball around. Which was fine. They need to get those energies released from traveling all afternoon. Tomorrow should be a lot of fun with other families who have adopted from Foyer de Sion. Synsha and Hendrick are excited to see some of their old friends.

Day 155 – July 5th Diehard water skiiers and wake boarders

Today was Amanda’s last day with us before she heads home to California. Derik has been out of town working the last couple of weeks and hasn’t been able to go out on the boat or jetski. So inspite of a unusually cool 75 degrees, wind and choppy waters we hit the lake. No one seemed to mind to much as long as we kept dry towels in the boat.

About 3:00 it felt like it was warming up but that’s only because the wind diminished.  But that was also about the time we packed up and headed for home.

When we got home Amanda cut and colored Judie and Ke’ilani’s air. It looks FABULOUS. After haircuts and getting Cynsha and Hendrick to bed – they have summer school tomorrow – Amanda took the rest of the kids to the movies to see “Avatar The Last Air Bender”

Day 155 – July 4th – Fireworks at Jeremy’s

Crazy Fast Paced UNO!

This evening we went over to Jeremy’s for desert, games and fireworks. Some of us played a crazy, very paced version of UNO that Derik introduced to the family. Other’s played Corn Hole, jumped on the trampoline or did all three.

Jeremy broke out the bottle rockets about 9:00. They weren’t very powerful bottle rockets shooting only about 20 feet. Somehow shooting bottle rockets turned in “dodge the bottle rockets” with Jeremy doing the shooting and Zayne, Brayden, Ke’ilani and Linzie dodging the rockets. Yes Jeff Foxworthy would regard that activity with the precursor “You know you’re a red neck if you play dodge bottle rockets is part of your 4th of July celebration”

Bottle Rockets with Uncle Jeremy - Watch Out!

Yes it was a little crazy. Most bottle rockets fell short about 5 feet. But every once in awhile a rocket would shoot high. Zayne enjoyed taunting Jeremy and was surprised when a rocket hit him square in the stomach. No permanent wounds just a lot of laughter.

I believe it was also Hendrick and Cynsha’s first experience with Sparklers. Cynsha was a bit timid at first but got into it very quickly.

About 10:00 it was dark enough to shoot the rest of the fireworks. The kids enjoyed our mini fireworks show and the surrounding neighbors who obviously had some illegal fireworks as they were shooting high and wide. Great fun!

Day 154 – July 3rd Motorcycles, 4 wheelers and Melba Fireworks

For a July Saturday it was extremely cool. I think the high for today was 77 degrees. Rather than go out skiing we opted to 4 Wheeling and Motorcycle riding at Pickle Butte.  Derek supplied his KTM 250 and a KTR 50. Jeremy supplied two 4 Wheelers. Amanda and the kids enjoyed riding the hills. We rode for nearly 4 hours.

While riding we met this really nice gentleman that needed some help charging a cell phone battery. He had two small motorcycles a 100 and 110. He was nice enough to allow our kids ride them.  Amanda took the 110 out and ended up dumping the bike. Her knee landed on a rock giving her a terrible bruise. She stayed on the 4 Wheeler after her minor accident.

Christian, Zayne and Hendrick especially enjoyed riding the 100 and 110 motorcycles. I let Zayne ride the 4 Wheeler by himself and had him follow me through the hills. He did exceptionally well.

Even Judie got into the fun and hopped on one of the 4 wheelers with me and drove around for a time but then opted to just ride with me.

After riding all day we went to Becky’s house for barbecued hamburgers and hot dogs. Derrick’s brother Duane and his family joined us. After dinner Judie and I took  the kids out to Melba for their annual fireworks show. I think it was the first big show Hendrick and Cynsha had ever watched. Great fun!

Day 152 – July 1st Roaring Springs Water Park

Having fun at Roaring Springs!

The kids have been counting the days until they could go to Roaring Springs Water Park this summer. Their day finally came.  We spent a very enjoyable afternoon, early evening at Roaring Springs. Jeremy’s kids Brayden and Linzie also joined us.  We invited them to spend the night so I wouldn’t have to drive them home this evening.

Break for dinner and stories of adventure

Hendrick was very excited to try everything with the kids. Cynsha was a bit more timid but once you encouraged her to try a slide once she was ready to go for a second time. My favorite activity is the wave pool which I was very surprised Cynsha was willing to do. But fortunately Cynsha saw Judie with the rest of the kids in the midst of the waves and she wanted to join them.  Cynsha also enjoyed the 4-man racing slide. Ke’ilani, Linzie and Hendrick asked me to take them on the Avalanche. A fun ride, except  having to lug the giant raft up the stairs.

We had a GREAT time!