August 26, 2010 – Officially Family! Whoo Hooo!

Our six kids!

Almost three years of waiting, praying, sending care packages, visiting Haiti  and miracles have come to realization of a family today. It’s official our family is now comprised of six beautiful children. We went before the judge Dayo Ononubosi today to finalize our adoption of Cynsha and Hendrick.

It was a sweet, sweet day. We pulled all of the kids out of school this morning and we went together to the courthouse. All the boys wore blue shirts, a coincidence that turned out really nice. Ke’ilani and Cynsha dressed in beautiful dresses.  All were very excited for the day – yes especially mom and dad.

Hendrick and Cynsha now go by the names Jessica and Ashton. They both requested new names as part of becoming part of our family.  We have been calling them there new names since the beginning of August which has been an adjustment. Jessica quickly chose her name. Ashton’s name took us a little longer. He wanted to at first be named Joseph Smith in honor of the prophet Joseph Smith.  We have some really good family friends whose last name is Ashton. Their children are really close to Devon and Christian. In fact at the

Handsome boys!

fair they wrote their name Ashton on Devon’s arm, leg and socks claiming them as their own brother. Judie seeing this suggested we name Hendrick, Ashton Joseph Nertilus Sedrick in honor of Hendrick’s desire to be named after Joseph Smith our good friends, his original surname and our name. Jessica’s name is Jessica Synsha Nertilus Sedrick.

The proceedings before the judge were very simple and direct. I expected him to ask the children to some questions, but no.  He just asked Judie and I if we were willing to take on the responsibilities of raising these two children. The one thing the judge said that hit both Judie and I was “when you adopt these children it will be as if they were born to you”. It truly feels like that. They are really ours! Our family feels complete.

After the proceedings we celebrated by taking the kids to Golden Corral for lunch. We had a great time together. I enjoyed watching the children playfully interact with each other.  It felt good watching them and sharing meaningful, heart felt glances with my wife. It was a sweet, sweet day!

My two girls!


Day 186 – August 5, 2010 – 2010 Y Not Tri-athalon – Iron Man Christian and Oscar!

All rise for Queen singing “We are the Champions! We are the Champions!…” Special honors and kudos to Christan and his friend Oscar Williamson. They  successfully ran their very first triathalon this evening.

I unfortunately missed out as I was coaching Hendrick’s soccer team. I understand the event was a great time and very eventful. Both Christian and Oscar finished in the top halve of the second. Christian was the first to come out of the water, ahead of Oscar, and stumbled on the way out. Christian reports he took a relaxed approach to the cycling.  Judie said she kept wondering what was taking Christian so long. Oscar caught up in the cycling portion despite wrecking into another cyclist..

Christian out of the water and running to the cycling leg

Christian ended up beating Oscar in the running portion.  When I asked Christian why he didn’t press harder in the cycle portion he said “I wanted to wait for Oscar so I could beat him in the running portion”.

Great job boys! You are both are champions in my book! They are already talking about the next one. I wonder if they’ll actually train this time.

Oscar setting a fast pace

Proud Momma!

Day 181 – July 31, 2010 – Cynsha tries wakeboarding for the first time.

This morning the kids did and excellent job helping me clean the yard and various other honey doos around the home. Derek was back in town this weekend so his family and Jeremy’s families all headed out to the lake for wakeboarding, tubing and skiing.

We hit a major milestone for Cynsha today. She surprised me she asked me she to try wake boarding. She was a bit tentative in the water. Ok she was really tentative, but  comfortable enough to get in the water with me. I kept reassuring that she could wake board and that I was with her. First pull of the boat she face planted in the water. She popper her head out of the water, fear in her eyes, looking and screaming for daddy.  I told her to “look in my eyes. I have you. You’re Ok”  She calmed down but was done for the day. But still a GIANT leap of faith for Cynsha. Great job!

Day 180 – July 30, 2010 – FUN! Day at the Fair

It’s that time of year – Canyon County Fair time. Devon and Christian have been at the fair every day this week. They both are showing livestock – Christian his prized black chicken and Devon one of the Drapers cows.

I took today off work to watch Devon and Christian present their animals before the judges. They both did extremely well. I’m impressed at their poise and skill handling their animals. Not sure where they got it I’m not any where close to a farmer or rancher.

Ke’ilani, Zayne and Hendrick entered the Greased Pig catching contest.  We registered Cynsha but she opted not to enter the ring. I thought Zayne had his pig but it escaped between his legs. Ke’ilani came really close to catching her pig. Hendrick caught his pig the first round of his age group – He was very proud. 2nd round he came up empty handed,

We spent the rest of the day doing the various fair activities; Judies favorite – cooking shows, juggling acts, magic shows, face painting and closed the night with a late night concert with Keith Anderson. This was Hendrick’s and Cynsha’s first fair they and everyone had a great time!

Devon caring for his cow!

Ke'ilani Face Painting

Cynsha face painting

Hendrick face painting!

A very LARGE Python!

Day 178 – July 28, 2010 – Happy Birthday Rachel

This afternoon Judie took Rachel out bowling for her birthday while Andy and I watched the kids.  They had such a good time they ended up meeting us over at Jeremy and Olivia’s for a Taco Bar with the traditional cake and ice cream to follow. Singing Happy Birthday was an experience as each kid and Jeremy tried to out sing – yell each other. No one seemed to mind the cacophony except maybe the dogs next door 😉 Happy Birthday Rachel!

Happy 29th Rachel - Again!

Day 176 – July 26, 2010 – Water skiing – Storms on the horizon

Monday night – you know what that means waterskiing and wake boarding with the family. We took everyone out this evening. Brayden and Kaitlin were very excited to go out on the boat.

Thunderstorms threatened to the south of the lake. We meticulously watched the occasional distant lightning strikes and  storm’s progression towards Lake Lowell. The advantage of the coming storm is the pressure pressed down on the lake making for some smooth skiing. Andy grabbed the last ski of the night. We pulled the boat out , wiped it down then watched the storm roll in. Perfect timing 😉

Day 175 – July 25, 2010 – Family Dinner and Official launch of the fire pit built by Devon

Devon's AWESOME firepit!

Have I said “I love Sundays”? If not “I LOVE SUNDAYS”.  They are always days filled with church and family. Today was no exception. After church today Jeremy and his family, Becky and her family and Andy and his family all came to our house for barbecue chicken,  corn on the cob, a variety of desserts, games of cornhole and kids running around having fun. I believe it was a first for Synsha and Hendrick. Yes it was a sticky gooey mess. But shouldn’t it be?

Roasting Marshmallows!

First taste of S'mores!

After putting the kids down for bed Judie and I returned to the fire pit with Devon and Christian to visit, star gaze and watch an incredibly beautiful moon lit summer’s night.