Day 229- Saturday September 18, 2010, Day of fun with the kids – Soccer, Boating and a full moon

This morning Jeremy cooked French toast for breakfast for the kids. The kids spun off and enjoyed the morning riding bikes, playing video games, visiting the neighborhood yards sales and jumping on the trampoline. Brayden left early as he had a 50 mile bike ride with the scouts.

At noon Ashton had his third soccer game of the season. We brought Linzie and Joel to the game so Jeremy would only have to care for Ian and Savannah. Ashton’s team dominated their opponent winning the game 9-1. Ashton scored 2 goals and 1 assist

Devon Waterskiing! WhooHoo!

Since it was such a beautiful day I decided to take the kids out for one last day on the boat. When we got out to the lake we realized the wakeboard wasn’t in the boat. I convinced Devon to try to slalom water ski. He got up on the third try and quickly was managing the ski very nicely.

The rest of the kids road the inner tube. The kids enjoyed bumpy wet rides over the boat-generated waves and a few circles of death that launched the inner tube into the air three to four feet. I even joined Zayne for an exhilarating ride on the inner tube. Great fun, but on one of the rides I ended up with my swim trunks down to my knees and the moon shining bright for all to see before skimming and tumbling across the water.

This evening TJ and Annabelle Jones came over to our house to watch the BSU Wyoming football game and watch our children so Judie and I could go out for our weekly date night. She shared with me the fun time she had with Olivia and Amy last night at their girl’s retreat and what I call “Ladies Pajama Party”. Like I expected they stayed up very late visiting, cooking food, eating and watching movies. Tonight  Judie and I  watched the movie “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” a very fun and entertaining movie.


Day 228 – Friday September 17, 2010 – Ladies’ Retreat

This evening Judie joined Olivia and Amy for a ladies retreat at Amy’s home.  Becky was going to join with them but unfortunately she fell ill.  Judie escaped for an evening of fun with the ladies just before dinner. I sent her of with directions to “go have fun, don’t worry about the kids and leave the kids to me”.  I’m sure they’ll visit, cook treats, eat, visit some more and watch a chick flick. Should be a good time for her and the ladies!

I took the kids, minus Devon and Christian, to Jeremy’s where I took care of Olivia’s kids as well. I made the kid’s home made pizza. Jeremy got home about 7:00. We then watched “The Diary of A Wimpy Kid” with the kids. The kids had a great time and Ashton and Jessica were excited to have the first sleep over – with dad downstairs on the hide a bed.

After sending the kids off to bed Jeremy and I stayed up and watched a movie.

Day 222 – Saturday, September 11, 2010 – Another fantastic day at the temple – Williamson Family Sealing

Early this afternoon Judie and I joined our friends Oscar and Vickie Williamson at the temple for the sealing of their family. We first joined them and other friends from the ward to participate in an endowment session. Shane Dittrich acted as Oscar’s escort. After the endowment we gathered in the Sealing Room to first watch Oscar and Vickie be sealed as husband and wife for eternity. Oscar and Vickie’s children were then brought in to the sealing room be sealed to their parents.

Williamson Family - Now an eternal family.

It was an amazing experience and caused much reflection on our friendship and Oscar’s conversion to the gospel of Jesus Christ two years ago. It also gave both Judie and I pause to ponder on our sealing to our children only a week ago.

Before conducting the sealing ordinance the Sealer gave some words of counsel. One of the things that he asked has caused me to reflect. He said “we gather to the temple to be sealed as eternal companions and families. I wonder if we are living so that our spouse or children want to spend eternity with us.”  I hope I am treating my wife in such manner that she looks forward to spending eternity with me. I know that is my greatest desire to be with my sweet wife Judie for ever!

After the sealing we all gathered at the church building with family and friends for dinner and celebration of the special day.

While at the Temple today Ashton had a soccer game. The dominated another game beating their opponent 7 to 2.

Creative Writing from Zayne “Food”

Zayne is an amazing young man. This year he is learning the violin. He is picking it up very quickly. He also has a very creative mind and has a knack for writing. Here is his latest writings.


By Zayne Sedrick

This is a story about food and me. Trust me this will not be pretty.  So if you have a weak stomach then I would advice you to put down this page right know. But if you don’t want to, then go ahead and puke all over my beautiful paper, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.

This story is about me when I was turning two years old. I bet your thinking ‘Wow that guy has to be really smart, talented and cool to remember that.’ Will your wrong about one thing; I don’t remember what happened, ok? The only way I know this is because we videotaped it, but other than that you got everything else right. Ok we are getting off topic, you don’t want to hear about how cool I am, you to hear about my childhood.

This is how my story goes. It was March 18th, 2001. There I was sitting in my high chair talking to all my baby friends. We were having an excruciating conversation. I don’t know what it was about because I’m two. I hope it was something cool like teddy bears or our awesome toy boats. Then I saw it, a blazing cake of fire racing toward me with amazing speed and velocity.  It flew right in front of me, scorching me with its amazing heat. Then a deafening choir let out a horrible melody of shouting and croaks. Hearing multiple voices, I stayed stunned and confused. I could only think to do one thing; extinguish the fire before I get engulfed in flames. Sitting there trying to figure out how to do so, a colossal sphere of drool started slithering down my chin and splat on my shirt. That gave me an idea! I hurtled a giant orb of spit onto the flames and put out the fire. No one would eat that cake. You know what that means, more for me! But I regret eating that much of cake because the next day I vomited it all up! Will it was good while it lasted.

So that’s my story about food.

Day 215 – Saturday, September 4, 2010 – Family Dodge ball capped with Temple Sealing – Now an Eternal Family!

Kids vs. Dads in dodgeball

Where do I start? Today was an AMAZING day!

This morning Jeremy, Chad, Derek, Dad and me took all the kids up to the church gymnasium to play dodge ball for almost three hours. We played dads against kids equating to a 16 – 5 match up.  The kids played extremely well using much strategy. There was also a lot of good natured smack talking going on.  We had a few minor instances where smaller children got tripped over or inadvertently hit with a ball to the body or head.  Alex hit me in the face with a ball causing by glasses to cut my nose.  All in all everyone came out unscathed, laughing and having a great time.

This evening we all gathered at the Boise LDS Temple at 7:30 to seal Jessica and Ashton to our family. For those of you who are not LDS let me explain Temple Sealing.  In the LDS Faith we believe the family is eternal. We believe that in the Temple we can be sealed together as a family and because of the sealing ordinance the bonds of marriage and our role as parents to our children continue in the next life

Our 6 eternal children!

Today we sealed Jessica and Ashton to our eternal family. My heart leapt with joy when they brought our six children, all dressed in white, into the sealing room of the temple.  Judie held my hand tightly and wept tears of joy. Kneeling at the altar of the temple with Jessica and Ashton was an amazing experience.  Having my parents and half of my siblings added to the evening. Joining us from my family were Chad, Jeremy, Becky, Melissa, Olivia and Derek.

After the sealing ceremony Bro. Thueson the Sealer had all of us gather in front of the mirrors that when you look into them you can see into them “forever”. In the sealing room there are mirrors on each side of the room. When you look into the mirrors you get this neat effect of double reflection causing it to look like it goes on forever. It is quite a thoughtful experience looking into those mirrors and seeing you family continuing forever. We know have six children that are ours forever.

After the sealing we took family photos outside the temple. After the temple we invited everyone to our home for dessert.

On the way home I asked Judie how she felt. Interestingly she expressed the same word I felt…Complete!

Kids and proud grandparents!

My three special ladies!

Handsome boys and their momma


Day 214 – Friday, September 3, 2010 – Baptism of Jessica and Ashton

Today was a very special day for our family! Jessica and Ashton both woke up commenting that “today we get baptized and tomorrow we get to go to the temple.” This evening our friends and family gathered at the LDS church on Greenhurst for their baptism. My parents drove in from Arkansas. My brother Chad and his family drove in from Utah. My brother Jeremy and sister Becky also joined us with their respective families.

Quite a number of friends from our ward and the surrounding area came to the baptism. Not sure if I can recall everyone but let’s try by families: Jeff and Amber Gunnell, Andrew and Kathy IP, TJ and Annabelle Jones, Dave and Kathy Wasden, Layton and Lisa Anderson, Todd and Julie Deason, Oscar and Vickie Williamson, Kriselle Stewart and son Tucker, Joe and Dianne Harris, Read and Angie Young, Lance and Amy Baumgartner, Sis. Barney, Elder Landee, Elder Langi, Elder Richards and other Elders I didn’t now.

We missed some dear friends that were traveling due to the holiday or had sick children. Those we missed included Amy Thomson, Shane and April Dittrich, Clark and Vickie Draper and Pres. Sean Smith.  I hope I didn’t forget anyone.

Baptism of Jessica and Ashton

Jessica asked that Devon baptize her. Devon had to baptize her twice since her foot came out of the water the first time. I baptized Ashton. He was very solemn and thoughtful the entire time. Jessica was more excited. After the baptism we confirmed each of them members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and gave them the Gift of the Holy Ghost. Devon and Ke’ilani sang a beautiful song before the baptism accompanied by my sister Becky. Elder Richards and Pres. Anderson gave the talks about baptism and the gift of the Holy Ghost.  Pres. Anderson asked me to express some feelings before closing the evening. He attempted to ask Judie but she gave him the evil eye and he backed down. 😉

After the baptism and confirmation we invited everyone to stay for a dinner we hosted. We had a great evening visiting with everyone.

When we returned home Judie and I pulled Jessica and Ashton in to our room for a quiet conversation. We gave the their own sets of scriptures. We also took time to read the messages of love, gratitude and encouragement we had written in the front cover of the scriptures. It was a powerful evening both spiritually and emotionally. Jessica and Ashton were very excited and we all shared some very tender moments.

Today was one of those GREAT moments in life!

Day 213 – September 2, 2010 – Crazy Teen Game – Teabags on a hat.

Teabags on a hat? Crazy hat game.

This morning making breakfast this morning Christian pulled out a couple of herbal tea bags, cut string about 8 inches long and then taped the tea bags to the brim of his hat. I asked him “What in the world are you doing?” He responded “Something cool”. “Well what is it I asked?” I asked. He said “Watch.” He then put his hat on and then proceeded to move his head back and forth swaying the teabags back and forth. He then with a quick flip attempted to flip the tea bags on the brim of his hat. After several attempts he had both tea bags on the brim of his hat. I guess this ingenious odd little game is all the rage at Liberty Charter.  The only down side – walking around with tea bags from your hat.

Building Momentum

First Flip

Flip two leading to success.