Day 264 October 24, 2010 – 2nd Tooth – Extraction method – “Stuck in pork ribs”

Tooth Extraction - Method Barbecued Pork Ribs

This evening  while wrapping up a barbecue pork rib dinners I was visiting with the Jessica, Ke’ilani and Ashton. Jessica was her normal chatty cathy self while gnawing on one last pork rib. While animatedly telling me some story Jessica take a bite out of her pork rib and embedded into the rib was Jessica’s second lose tooth.

When I pointed it out to her eyes opened wide in comic disbelief and immediately tried to get everyone’s attention to explain what happened.

I’ve pulled a lot of teeth before but this tooth extraction has to be the most unusual and funny. It might even rival the time I “helped” Zayne extract a tooth by having him point at the dangling tooth and pushing his help forcing him to push the tooth out with his finger. He almost swallowed the tooth. Fortunately he was so surprise and laughed so hard it stayed in his mouth.

Jessica is very excited for a second visit from the tooth fairy.


Day 263 – October 23, 2010 – Ashton’s Team The Storm get humbled

The Storm boys between games - doing planks!

This fall I have been assistant coaching Ashton’s Soccer team. All season we have played in the B bracket and dominated the bracket. The head coach Season decided to enter us into the Gem State Tournament this weekend.  Apparently our team has drawn a lot of attention for the Idaho Youth Soccer Organization. So much so that they moved us up to the A bracket for the tournament.

The kids were very excited and nervous to move up a bracket. We woke up to a cold wet day. Our boys while excited were a bit sluggish in warm ups before our first game.  The first half of the first game was horrible. The other team scored first which immediately got into the boys head. They started no playing as a team and playing more like playground soccer. At half time they were down 4-0.  This is the first game they ever were behind in a game. Their games were usually the opposite – leading 4-0.

During half time we rallied them. They had a better half scoring once and letting the other team score twice. Final score 6-1

Getting that one goal made all the difference for the second game. They DOMINATED the other team winning 3-1.  Good to see the boys rally back and do so well.

They didn’t win the tournament but I think it was a good but hard experience for them to actually lose a game.

October 15, 2010 part 2 – Kei’lani’s 9th Birthday Party

YES - A Soccer Ball!

This evening Ke’ilani invited about 15 girls, which seemed like a 100, to the house for her 9th birthday celebration. Judie spent that afternoon making an amazing sports themed cake with volleyball and soccer represented. The cake was amazing!

While the girls played volleyball I grilled up hot dogs and hamburgers for everyone. My brother Jeremy, my sister Becky and their families came over along with Amy Thomson and Layton Anderson. After dinner the girls were having such fun playing volleyball we delayed opening presents for a while.  I think everyone got the message from Ke’ilani that she loves sports. She received two soccer balls, a basketball, a pair of Heelys, hooded sweat shirts and other fun and playful items.

Ke'ilani's Sport Theme Cake

The kids LOVED Judie’s cake. Ke’ilani got a kick out of the trick candles. In the end all of the kids took one big blow to blow the candles out. I think it was more spray than air but oh well. All the kids asked for two slices so that they could get part of one of the balls and the playing fields.

After the party Judie left to spend two nights with some of her lady friends who have adopted children from Haiti. They are going to enjoy a two-night retreat together.

I’m home with the kids and a few extras. Linzie, Joel and Sedrick all asked to spend the night. I had Preston and Tabitha Jones until after 9:30 so TJ and Annabelle could go on a date. The kids and I played Monopoly and watched Little Rascals. We had an enjoyable time together!

Happy Birthday Ke'ilani

Day 255 – October 15, 2010 part 1 – “You’ve Got the Look” – Devon get’s noticed and a job

Devon 2010

This week Judie and Devon took the kids to the mall. While Judie took the younger kids to Build-A-Bear so Ke’ilani could build a new stuffed bunny for her birthday Devon went to Hollister to look at some clothes. While checking out, the manager who was conducting a job interview, noticed Devon, interrupted the interview and asked Devon if he’d ever thought about working at Hollister. Devon responded no. The manager said, “Well you have the look. I’d like you to fill out an on-line application and enter this special code. Also if you could give my your name and phone number I’ll specifically look for your application.

That was Tuesday of this week. The interview team called him in for a group interview this afternoon at 4:00. A short 12 minutes after the interview, while driving home, the hiring manager called Devon and offered him a job. Devon starts his new, unsolicited job in a week. Needless to say he is VERY excited.

Day 250 – October 10, 2010 – Evening of Haitian food and delectable desserts

Haitian Pate

This evening Ashton asked if we could make Haiti Pate. Ashton  instructed Judie on how to make this tasty dinner. To ensure she understood his directions, Judie scoured You Tube to get some helpful hints.

The simplest way to describe Haitian Pate is it is very similar to a Calzone except the dough is a little thinner. You fill the dough with any combination of hotdogs, chicken, sausage, potatoes and onions. Then fry the sealed dough making a VERY TASTY dinner.

After dinner Devon was in the mood to make dessert. Usually he makes brownies, lemon bars or cookies. Tonight he was in more creative chocolate mood and made very elaborate and delectable chocolate truffles.

We all went to bed stuffed and happy!


Devon - the dessert chef!

Delectable Desserts by Devon

Day 248 – October 8, 2010 – Zayne goes camping, Fishing with Christian.

Gearing up to go camping!

This afternoon Zayne went camping with the 11 Year Old Scouts. Zayne was extremely excited to have an escape with his friends. I would like to have gone with him but had already made a promise to take Christian fishing.

Christian and I drove into Boise to fish on the Boise River. We didn’t catch any fish but we had a GREAT time. Wading in the river while casting our lures was extremely relaxing.  A couple of men caught fish around us but we didn’t have any luck.

Initially we fished from the banks but finally decided to wade out into calf high to knee deep water to get our closer to where the other fishermen were having luck.  The water was cool enough to make you think about but not to cool that we couldn’t stand in the water for about 45 minutes.

After fishing we came home, warmed our bodies and made home-made pizza. Fun day with the boys!

Day 246 – October 6, 2010 – Jessica’s first tooth

With excitement and trepidation Jessica approached me tonight and asked if I’d pull her lose tooth – the same tooth that has been “lose” for two weeks. This time the tooth was actually lose and ready to pull. Ke’ilani and Zayne warned “Don’t let dad pull it, Don’t let Dad pull it”. Before the kids could say another word I pulled the dangling tooth. Jessica and the kids were surprised to see the pulled tooth between my fingers.

Jessica was very excited to have the Tooth Fairy come visit her tonight. We recently watched the children’s movie “The Tooth Fairy” starring the Rock causing Jessica to have a myriad of Tooth Fairy questions that seriously hindered her going to bed and falling asleep tonight.  We were relieved when she finally succumbed to sleep.