Day 320 – Dec. 20, 2010 – Making a Gingerbread house

Decorating the Gingerbread house

Tonight was GREAT fun with the kids! I cooked gingerbread and whipped up some frosting using my mom’s recipe so we could make a gingerbread house. The kids crowded around the house to add their directions. In addition the to house I made an a pond for ice skating, a few trees and snowmen to decorate.  The kids decided to add their own frosting creations. Zayne made a dog, Aston a cat, Jessica a snowman, Christian a dog and Ke’ilani made a dead chicken. Yeah a dead chicken, since our dogs have killed a chicken or two when they’ escaped the chicken coop.

Devon unfortunately had to work tonight. Wanting him to participate we saved a section of the house for him to decorate. Decorating the house was fun for everyone and we enjoyed a great evening together.

"Frosted" Snowman by Ke'ilani

"Frosted" Snow Dog by Zayne

"Frosted" Snowman by Jessica

"Frosted" Cat by Ashton

Sedrick Gingerbread House 2010

The girls were in the Christmas decorating spirit as well today. They proudly escorted me into their room when it came time to go to bed to show me their festively decorated room. Good job ladies!

Christmas Decorated Room

Mirror decorated for Christmas!


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