Day 325 – Dec. 25, 2010 Christmas Day

The love and magic of Christmas filled our home today.  Our kids were EXTREMELY excited for Christmas morning especially Ke’ilani. She woke up at 2:00, 3:00, 3:30 and 4:30.  At 4:30 we finally had her crawl in to bed with us. Devon woke at 6:00 needing to take pain medication for his throat. We asked him if he’d like to open presents since he was awake. He said, “No I’d like to get the medicine in me first.” At 6:30 he returned to our room with the kids, all of them ready to open Christmas presents.

As Judie and I crawled out of bed we could hear shouts of joy and excitement coming from the living room. Ashton was extremely pleased Santa has brought him a brand new, green Mongoose bike. Jessica was equally excited to see her walkie-talkie iPhones and texting capable play BlackBerrys. Ke’ilani shouted, “I got a ripstick and it’s my favorite color” as she held it over her head with one hand. Zayne was extremely pleased with his new Video and Photo Spy Watch. He was quickly taking photos and video with his new toy. I was surprised and pleased at the video and photo quality. Christian was very anxious to have me move the car so he could try out his new Sole Skate – basically a three-wheeled, one-foot sized skateboard. Devon immediately started taking photos with his new camera.

Once the excitement and clamour of Santa’s presents dissipated we gathered around the tree to open presents. Jessica was extremely anxious to open presents and have the presents she gave others opened and struggled with taking turns to open presents.  Everyone enjoyed the time giving presents once the new kiddos learned the process of handing out and opening presents. I was very pleased to have surprised Judie this year with a Flirty Apron. She usually discovers the presents I get her so very pleased to have surprised her. She gave me a beautiful picture of the Boise Temple that she and Amber Gunnel made in commemoration of our family being sealed together this year.

We enjoyed a relaxing afternoon. Ashton, Ke’ilani and Christian spent much of the afternoon outside riding the new bike, ripstick and sole skate despite the sub 20 degree weather. Yes – they were very excited. Devon experimented with his camera most of the day – playing with the various settings. Zayne took video and still shots with his spywatch. And, Jessica enjoyed texting and talking on her new cell phones.

We invited the Gunnel family over for dinner. Judie and I cooked up a delicious spiral ham, red potatoes and loompia. Amber brought some yummy yams and green bean casserole. After dinner we played Mormon Bridge while the kids played downstairs.

What a great Christmas! Memorable, quality time with the family and our new friends the Gunnels. Merry Christmas!

A few fun photo moments:



Day 324 – Dec. 24, 2010 – Christmas Eve!

The kids are so excited today. They woke up this morning and said “Christmas is finally here. I can’t wait until tonight”. Fortunately Ranae called to see if her kids could come play while they  “ran some errands”. Our home was filled with laughter and loud chatter all day.

This afternoon I had to run into the office to pick up Judie’s present that finally came. I was getting a little worried it was supposed to have arrived by Wednesday. I took Christian with me to give us some Dad/Son time. I treated him to a Wendy’s Frosty and fries. We enjoyed a good visit.

I took the everyone except for Judie and Devon to Jeremy’s this evening to celebrate Christmas Eve together. Devon is still recuperating from his tonsillectomy yesterday. Judie opted to stay home with him to keep him company and prepare some items for Christmas dinner tomorrow. At Jeremy’s we feasted upon Clam Chowder, Potato Soup and Chicken Noodle Soup in homemade soup bowls – Yummm! After dinner, we played Balderdash and Scattegories while the kids played upstairs.

The highlight of the evening came when Rudolph’s red nose was spotted in the corner of the back yard. The kids burst out in excitement especially when Rudolph’s nose disappeared for a second and then showed up right at the kitchen window. Uncle Derek fed the excitement by encouraging the kids to run upstairs to catch a top view. For twenty minutes the kids ran up and down the stairs trying to catch another glimpse of Rudoph’s nose and hopefully a glance at Santa’s Sleigh.

About 8:30 I loaded the kids to spend the rest of the evening with Judie and Devon.  When we got home we opened our traditional Christmas Eve Present – New Pajamas for the kids. At first Ashton said, “I don’t need new pajamas”. I responded,, “Stand up and look at how short your pajamas are”. After standing he responded “Wow, you’re right I need new pajamas”.

New Christmas Pajamas!

Judie and I then exchanged our traditional ornaments that we give each other one Christmas Eve.  We then did our Christmas Gifts to Jesus. Let me explain every year we take a moment to write a list of things that we are going to do in the coming year to become a better person as a gift to Christ. We then place each of our lists in a Christmas Gift Box to open next year. We will then evaluate how we did in becoming a better individuals as our gift to Christ.  We concluded the night by watching “The Nativity” a movie that depicts the birth of Christ.  After prayers I tucked the very tired and excited children to bed.

Nativity - Christ's Birth

Dec 323 – Dec. 23, 2010 – Tonsillectomy, Dentist visit and Lisa Craig Visits

Long time buds!

This morning Judie took Devon to have his tonsils and adenoids taken out. All week Judie has been searching Google and talking to friends who have had their tonsils out to better understand how to speed Devon’s recovery. He went into surgery about 9:00. They finally got home about 3:00 in the afternoon. Devon slept most of the remainder of the day.

While Judie accompanied Devon I took the rest of the kids to the dentist. They were surprised when the walked into the dental office to see Santa sitting in the waiting room handing out candy canes.

This evening Judie’s High School friend Lisa Craig and her husband Darren came over for dinner. They brought their nephew Tannon, his wife Cecily and their son Jacob who just moved to Caldwell. I cooked up some of my “Killer Teriyaki Chicken” and broccoli.

New Friends - Jacob and the Sedrick Clan

After dinner we gathered downstairs for a raucous game of Charades. The evening was FILLED with laughter.  Lisa asked, “is your house always like this”. Judie and I responded, “Yep pretty much”.

This evening after I put the kids down I went over to Derek’s to work in his woodshop. This year I decided to try to make Judie’s ornament gift on Derek’s wood lathe. This was my first time turning a bigger project (usually I make pens). I was a little nervous to bring portions of the ornament to a thinner point fearing it might spin off on me. I finished about 2:00 in the morning.  I think it turned out pretty nice for a first attempt. I want to try again next year. I hope Judie likes it.

Judie's ornament

Day 320 – Dec. 20, 2010 – Making a Gingerbread house

Decorating the Gingerbread house

Tonight was GREAT fun with the kids! I cooked gingerbread and whipped up some frosting using my mom’s recipe so we could make a gingerbread house. The kids crowded around the house to add their directions. In addition the to house I made an a pond for ice skating, a few trees and snowmen to decorate.  The kids decided to add their own frosting creations. Zayne made a dog, Aston a cat, Jessica a snowman, Christian a dog and Ke’ilani made a dead chicken. Yeah a dead chicken, since our dogs have killed a chicken or two when they’ escaped the chicken coop.

Devon unfortunately had to work tonight. Wanting him to participate we saved a section of the house for him to decorate. Decorating the house was fun for everyone and we enjoyed a great evening together.

"Frosted" Snowman by Ke'ilani

"Frosted" Snow Dog by Zayne

"Frosted" Snowman by Jessica

"Frosted" Cat by Ashton

Sedrick Gingerbread House 2010

The girls were in the Christmas decorating spirit as well today. They proudly escorted me into their room when it came time to go to bed to show me their festively decorated room. Good job ladies!

Christmas Decorated Room

Mirror decorated for Christmas!

Day 318 – Dec. 18, 2010 Sedrick’s Birthday

This morning I went over to Derek’s to work in his wood shop. I’m making wood pens to send my new customers in 2010. I love working with wood. It’s a quiet, creative time which regenerates the soul.

This afternoon Judie and the kids came over as well to celebrate Sedrick’s 6th Birthday. Yes, it was another joyous, loud Sedrick/Call children celebration. 😉

Cedrick's 6th Birthday Celebration

This evening Judie and I went on a double date with Jeremy and Olivia. We dined at Chiang Mai – our favorite Thai restaurant.  After dinner we went to the temple to do an endowment session. When we got out of the temple it was snowing heavily giving a Christmas air to the evening.

Day 314 – December 14, 2010 – School Christmas Plays

Well today took some juggling. Our children School Christmas plays within 30 minutes of each other. Zayne’s Orchestra Presentation started at 6:30 at East Middle School. Ashton and Jessica’s started at 7:00 at Liberty.  Judie and I drew straws to determine where each of us would go. OK, Judie told me where to go. The decision was helped due  Judie being able to attend an afternoon presentation of Jessica and Ashton’s play.

Gearing up for Christmas Plays

The kids were VERY excited to participate in the presentation tonight. After dinner they were quick to dress into their outfits.  Ke’ilani wanted to dress up as well.

The Christmas play was phenomenal. Honestly one of the best shows I’ve seen. The music teacher at Liberty Mrs. Moore is an exceptional play write and composer. She created a very enjoyable presentation drawn from ideas from Toy Story 3 and the Nutcracker. She can really draw the musical talent out of children. The kids and parents especially enjoyed the portrayal Buzz Light Year by Ahston’s teacher Mr. Moore.  Spanish Mode Buzz Light Year was a riot. Jessica and Ashton both robustly participated singing with exuberance and looking to make sure Dad was watching.

Judie attended Zayne’s Orchestra Concert. She reported that the kids did a great job at the concert. Since it was just the two of them Judie took Zayne out for a Mom/Son date night and grabbed some Dairy Queen. Zayne said he had a really good time with mom.