Day 314 – December 14, 2010 – School Christmas Plays

Well today took some juggling. Our children School Christmas plays within 30 minutes of each other. Zayne’s Orchestra Presentation started at 6:30 at East Middle School. Ashton and Jessica’s started at 7:00 at Liberty.  Judie and I drew straws to determine where each of us would go. OK, Judie told me where to go. The decision was helped due  Judie being able to attend an afternoon presentation of Jessica and Ashton’s play.

Gearing up for Christmas Plays

The kids were VERY excited to participate in the presentation tonight. After dinner they were quick to dress into their outfits.  Ke’ilani wanted to dress up as well.

The Christmas play was phenomenal. Honestly one of the best shows I’ve seen. The music teacher at Liberty Mrs. Moore is an exceptional play write and composer. She created a very enjoyable presentation drawn from ideas from Toy Story 3 and the Nutcracker. She can really draw the musical talent out of children. The kids and parents especially enjoyed the portrayal Buzz Light Year by Ahston’s teacher Mr. Moore.  Spanish Mode Buzz Light Year was a riot. Jessica and Ashton both robustly participated singing with exuberance and looking to make sure Dad was watching.

Judie attended Zayne’s Orchestra Concert. She reported that the kids did a great job at the concert. Since it was just the two of them Judie took Zayne out for a Mom/Son date night and grabbed some Dairy Queen. Zayne said he had a really good time with mom.



Day 308 – Dec. 8, 2010 – Christian’s 14th Birthday

Styling the new leather jacket!

This morning Judie and I woke Christian up for school together. We wanted to surprise him with his birthday present – a new leather jacket. Earlier in the week Judie took Christian to JCPenny to look at a leather jacket that was advertised. Turned out they only had one and it was faus leather and the seams were ripping. He was very disappointed.

Judie decided to drive in to Boise and found a STELLAR jacket and equally good deal. Boy was he SURPRISED when he opened the box to see a leather coat.  I think his expression says it all.

He’s already counting down the days to his first dance this Saturday night. In fact, last night he was already choosing clothes for the evening and asking Devon’s opinion. Devon told him that if he didn’t dance at least one slow dance he would make him walk home.  Look out ladies!


Day 300 Dec. 1, 2010 pt. 2 – Zayne the Origami Master

Zayne - Origami Master

For the past couple of day’s Zayne has spent many hours on You Tube learning Origami.  He started out with the basic Origami birds but has extended into a wide variety of creations frogs, tulips, roses, knives and sheaves. It’s been pretty fun to hear him say “Hey dad look what I made.” And each time I’m amazed the intricacy accomplished with a little bit of time and paper.

Day 290 – November 18, 2010 – Video post of Zayne – East Valley Idaho Performance.

The week that I traveled to the East Coast I unfortunately missed Zayne’s singing performances of “Bless the Broken Road” by Rascal Flats. Fortunately for modern technology I get to enjoy the performance.  I finally pulled the video off Judie’s video camera.  The boy can sing!

I hope you enjoy the performance.

Day 284 November 12, 2010 – Ashton awarded Citizen of the Week

Ashton - Citizen of the Week Award Winner

Ashton came home very excited this afternoon. He proudly and aggressively sought my attention to tell me that he had been awarded Citizen of the Week. He was so proud to be acknowledged by his teacher and school principal.  He also excitedly informed me this make him eligible to be consider for the  Citizen of the Month award. He added,, “I’m going to do my best to get Citizen of the Month too”.. I hope you do son!