Humor one of Parent’s best weapons and release!

Sometimes the best escape, especially during trying times laughter really is the best medicine. We see great examples of this in other parents many who have adopted as well. Here is a sample of some recent humor among parents:

Parent 1: I have a special offer for you just in time for the holidays! FREE teenagers. Potty trained and ready to go. All whining, complaining and arguing are included at no extra charge. HURRY to take advantage of this amazing offer. Only 5 available! They will go fast!

Parent 2: I’ll take em all!!

Parent 3: hmmm, I might be interested, but only if the eye rolling, and door slamming is included….with the occasional “whatever” mutterings thrown in too! 🙂

Parent 1: they’re all yours. Unless theres so much demand I might have to look to having a lottery.  I can PROMISE that I can deliver eye rolling and door slamming. The girls are the eye rollers, the boys the door slamming and the “whatev…ers’ are included with all available children. And I do have some preteed that are beng trained in the “whatevers”:) We can make arrangements for transport.

Spouse of Parent 1: All sales are final.

Parent 4:  Hmmmm, not interested but I have a few bonus gifts I can add to your special offer:) LOL!!

Yes a little laughter and sharing between friends is often a great release and a way to put the challenges of life into a realistic perspective. Honestly, sometimes you just gotta laugh!

I’d love to hear some of your humorous moments or escapes.


Day 311 – December 11, 2010 – Balmy. Drizzly Winter Day – escape to the Rec Center

Raquetball escape

Today was one of those miserable balmy drizzly winter days where  everyone is a bit punchy with cabin fever.  The kids and I were able to work together to finally rack up the leaves in the back yard. It started to drizzle after lunch and the kids were itching to do something. You know the day not nice enough to go outside but everyone feeling the need to do something – anything.

I decided to take them to the Nampa Rec Center – a very good decision. We played racquetball, rock climbed and the kids swam while I cycled a few miles. The escape to the Rec Center was the exactly the right remedy to cure a bad case of cabin fever.

Day 310 – Dec. 10, 2010 – Christian’s 14th Birthday Party – A loud houseful of teens

Happy 14th Birthday Christian

This evening we were inundated with 14 year old kids to celebrate Christian’s 14th Birthday. How to describe the evening? Loud. Lots of Laughter. Loud. Running up and down the stairs. Playing pool. Loud.  Lots of Giggling (Girls). Nerf gunshots. Pizza, Chips, Cupcakes. Movies. And did I mention LOUD? The kids had a great time! It was a lot of fun listening and watching the kids. Especially the ones trying to subtly hold hands who would then try to act inconspicuous when mom or dad looked their way.

After the party Christian thanked us with a “That was the best party ever. Thanks Mom and Dad”.

Happy Birthday Son!

Day 308 – Dec. 8, 2010 – Christian’s 14th Birthday

Styling the new leather jacket!

This morning Judie and I woke Christian up for school together. We wanted to surprise him with his birthday present – a new leather jacket. Earlier in the week Judie took Christian to JCPenny to look at a leather jacket that was advertised. Turned out they only had one and it was faus leather and the seams were ripping. He was very disappointed.

Judie decided to drive in to Boise and found a STELLAR jacket and equally good deal. Boy was he SURPRISED when he opened the box to see a leather coat.  I think his expression says it all.

He’s already counting down the days to his first dance this Saturday night. In fact, last night he was already choosing clothes for the evening and asking Devon’s opinion. Devon told him that if he didn’t dance at least one slow dance he would make him walk home.  Look out ladies!


Day 301 – Dec. 2, 2010 – Ashton Pack Meeting

Opening gum with socked hands

For the past couple of months we have missed Cub Pack Meeting due to Ashton playing soccer. He was excited to go tonight because he knew he would receive a number of awards. He was also a little nervous because he had to perform for one of his achievement awards by telling a Knock Knock Joke using the hand puppet he creating in regular cub meetings. He practiced his joke all the way until it came time to leave. He and the other two boys did very well.

After the jokes and awards the kids did a number of relay races for the activity part of the Pack Meeting. The first one was a relay where the kids had to run to the end of the gym, put socks on their hands, open a wrapped piece of gum and place it in their mouth. The second relay comprised of each child running to the end of the gym and stacking three presents. They had to stack the presents smallest on the bottom to the largest on top then carry the precariously stacked presents to their teammates. Yes, there was the occasional tripping and crashing of presents to the floor.  Parents enjoyed a good laugh and the kids a great time!

Present Relay - Faster, Faster!

Day 300 Dec. 1, 2010 pt. 2 – Zayne the Origami Master

Zayne - Origami Master

For the past couple of day’s Zayne has spent many hours on You Tube learning Origami.  He started out with the basic Origami birds but has extended into a wide variety of creations frogs, tulips, roses, knives and sheaves. It’s been pretty fun to hear him say “Hey dad look what I made.” And each time I’m amazed the intricacy accomplished with a little bit of time and paper.

Day 300 – Dec 1, 2010 – SNOW Day!!!

Load 'em up for Snow FUN!!!

Today was an AWESOME day for the kids – the first Snow Day in 3 years. Last night we were dumped on. We received about 8 inches of snow and the kids were estatic!  As soon as breakfast was over they were out the door and throwing snowballs.

I worked at home this morning and promised the kids that I would take a long lunch to take the hookie bobbing. If you don’t know what hookie bobbing is it’s basically tying a rope to the back of the truck and pulling the kids around on the snowboard, inner tube or snow disc.

After lunch Judie and I loaded our kids along with JJ Garret and Brenna Gunnel, in the back of the truck. I pulled two children at a time behind the truck around the neighborhood.  Each of the kids did stellar. Christian, Zayne, Ke’ilani and Zayne all picked it up from previous years of snowboarding. Jessica rode snowboard with Devon, riding between his legs. Ashton was very anxious to try. He took a few tumbles at first but soon got the hang of riding the snowboard.

The Gunnel kids opted to ride on the snow dish.  The snow dish was a lot of fun because on turns the kids were whipped to the side at a good pass causing much laughter. We also picked up a few strays – Tucker Stewart and Trenton Burton — who when they saw us hookie bobbing down the

No Escape from the perfect shot!

street asked to join the fun. Tucker struggled a bit but ended up doing pretty good. Trenton was a natural boarder and picked it up really quickly.

Judie got into the fun as well throwing snowballs at the kids in the truck whenever she stopped to assist a kid who had fallen on the snowboard.

When it was time to quit the kids were very disappointed. But after a few grumbles and the promise of Judie’s Hot Chocolate they came into warm their bodies and relish in stories of their most recent snow day. A great time with the kids!

Ready to Roll!

Helping Hands!

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